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Reflections on the Life of an Entrepreneur by Arthur Klepchukov

The following is reposted with permission from Arthur Klepchukov, founder of Here’s what I’ve quietly been up to for the second half of 2010: Slipstream. It’s my first incubated startup and I’m proud to announce that it’s launching today. In July 2010, I was the first one accepted into LaunchBox10, LaunchBox Digital‘s 3rd accelerator program. [...]

AOL Acquires Email Prioritization App Unblab to Boost Project Phoenix


Koofers Raises $5 Million from Revolution, Others

U.S. Secretary of Start-Ups?

Thomas Friedman points the way for a more vibrant and competitive tomorrow: unleashing the potential of startups. While he cites some great policy initiatives to pursue, it is the promise of entrepreneurs that are leading the way. We may need a Secretary of Start-Ups in the presidential cabinet, but most of all we need entrepreneurs [...]

Lean Startup Philosophy helps Startups Move Faster

Entrepreneurs worldwide are collaborating and getting smarter at an amazing rate. “Eric Ries’s Lean Startup philosophy aims to help new companies make speedier decisions by taking a more disciplined approach to testing products and ideas and using the resulting customer feedback.”  Great times are ahead for startups and the ecosystem that supports them. The following [...]

Small Teams with Small Capital Making Big Waves

The NYT story below, about a Facebook competitor spawned from a dorm room with $10,000, illustrates the compelling capital efficiency of the software tech space these days. These are the best of days for smart young people with vision, passion and energy.

Great Video on Entrepreneurship

Insights from Alexis, LB09 Associate

Alexis Rodich shares some insights about LaunchBox Digital on  She speaks from her viewpoint as a summer associate during last year’s LaunchBox09 program.  In her blog post, Alexis points to the commitment each portfolio company receives from the LaunchBox Digital team including time, thoughtful advice, mentorship, and access to partners.  Thank you Alexis!

LaunchBox Digital Expands to Research Triangle Park, NC

LaunchBox Digital is expanding its program to the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of North Carolina!  Earlier today we announced that we will be holding our Fall 2010 program in Durham, NC.  This expansion reflects our commitment to being the pre-eminent business accelerator program serving the Mid-Atlantic region.  It is also the kick-start to LaunchBox [...]

TapMetrics acquired by Millennial Media

TapMetrics acquired by Millennial Media