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LaunchBox Digital Overview

LaunchBox Digital is a seed-stage investment firm helping entrepreneurs maximize their chance of success.  It is a place for cutting-edge ideas and cutting-edge talent.  New entrepreneurs face lots of obstacles in making their vision a reality, and many great ideas and great talent never get out of the starting gate.  LaunchBox Digital brings entrepreneurs the [...]

Free Space – Are You Good Enough?

We are announcing a program to inspire, advise and house early-stage software startups.  The 30-Day Table is an opportunity to locate your 1-4 person company within our walls and enjoy the proximity to LaunchBox partners, advisors, mentors and peer companies.  Candidates will be evaluated for fit and if selected will grab a table and get [...]

A Day with Brad Feld and David Cohen

Brad Feld and David Cohen, two of the most well known entrepreneurs and investors in the country, came in on Monday to talk with our teams over lunch. Their day was mainly Q&A based with both group and one on one sessions with LaunchBox companies, other players in the region and a kick-butt, food & [...]

Words of Wisdom from Tobi and Eric

Today, the teams had the privilege of sitting down and speaking with Tobi Walter of Shoeboxed and Eric Boggs of Argyle Social. While past CEO’s and Founders that have spoken with the teams have been a bit further along with their companies, both Tobi’s and Eric’s stories hit closer to home (Shoeboxed is 3yrs. old [...]

“Show me the Opportunity”

For the past two months, we have had CEOs and founders of successful startups in RTP speak with the teams every Friday to share their experiences with building a company from the ground up and answer any questions the teams have. While each has been able to share great advice and helpful insights, we figured [...]

“Simplicity is Key”

Ben Weinberger, CEO of Digitalsmiths stopped by our new space in the American Underground on Friday to speak with the teams. Here is Ben’s cheat sheet: Simplicity is key. Founders generally think ahead of where most people are. Do not overcomplicate your product, but instead figure out your customer’s needs and deliver. CEO responsibilities change. [...]

“Stop Planning, Start Doing”

Ryan Allis, CEO of iContact, sat down for lunch on Friday to share the insights he has obtained while building a $40 million dollar company over the last six years.  Ryan started the business while he was a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill and left school to work on the business full time. He is [...]

“Know Your Market”

One CEO/CTO/Co-Founder after the next, the class of 2010 is getting a bountiful portion of advice, insights, do’s and do not’s as they hone their individual companies.  While it us up to the teams to cipher this information and apply it to the challenges they are currently facing, we have and will be providing cheat [...]

“Celebrate the Little Successes”

Erik Troan, CTO and Co-Founder of rPath stopped by the office today in the Lucky Strike Lounge to tell his story and answer questions as a successful entrepreneur. Erik was the number 5 employee at Red Hat and stayed with the company until it grew to 650 employees and $100 million in revenue. He left [...]

“Own Your Niche”

Rich Lee, CEO and Founder of Hosted Solutions came by the LBD office Friday to speak with the companies and share his insights as a twenty year entrepreneur. Rich has grown Hosted Solutions, based in Raleigh, to become one of the most profitable data center providers in the US. He previously founded MPInet, which became [...]