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Free Space – Are You Good Enough?

We are announcing a program to inspire, advise and house early-stage software startups.  The 30-Day Table is an opportunity to locate your 1-4 person company within our walls and enjoy the proximity to LaunchBox partners, advisors, mentors and peer companies.  Candidates will be evaluated for fit and if selected will grab a table and get [...]

Reflections on the Life of an Entrepreneur by Arthur Klepchukov

The following is reposted with permission from Arthur Klepchukov, founder of Here’s what I’ve quietly been up to for the second half of 2010: Slipstream. It’s my first incubated startup and I’m proud to announce that it’s launching today. In July 2010, I was the first one accepted into LaunchBox10, LaunchBox Digital‘s 3rd accelerator program. [...]

U.S. Secretary of Start-Ups?

Thomas Friedman points the way for a more vibrant and competitive tomorrow: unleashing the potential of startups. While he cites some great policy initiatives to pursue, it is the promise of entrepreneurs that are leading the way. We may need a Secretary of Start-Ups in the presidential cabinet, but most of all we need entrepreneurs [...]

LaunchBox Digital Expands to Research Triangle Park, NC

LaunchBox Digital is expanding its program to the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of North Carolina!  Earlier today we announced that we will be holding our Fall 2010 program in Durham, NC.  This expansion reflects our commitment to being the pre-eminent business accelerator program serving the Mid-Atlantic region.  It is also the kick-start to LaunchBox [...]

Playhaven Helps Promote iPhone Games—And Developers

Actionable advice from Etsy CEO Maria Thomas

“Know WHERE your money comes from and know WHO you are talking to…” – Maria Thomas, CEO of Etsy Launchbox Digital advisor and Etsy CEO Maria Thomas kicked off her talk at LaunchBox headquarters earlier today with fundamental words of wisdom, quoted above.  Speaking from the perspective of a non-founder CEO, Thomas offered actionable advice [...]

The Adventures of Andrew Lee, JamLegend Co-Founder

Andrew Lee, co-founder of JamLegend ( and a participant in LaunchBox08, recently posted on his blog, the Adventures of Andrew Lee, about being accepted into the LaunchBox program and his experience in LaunchBox08. In the first of his two posts, Andrew compares being accepted into LaunchBox to winning a roster spot on a college basketball [...]

Startup Lessons From the Campaign Trail

Imagine a start-up that on Day 1 has no full-time employees and no revenue … just a small team with a big idea in a crowded market dominated by one player. Now roll the clock forward a year. The startup has generated over $100 million in revenue, hired several hundred employees working around the clock, [...]