jamlegend JamLegend (acquired by Zynga)
JamLegend brings free, in-browser interactive music online.

tapmetrics_final_largeTapMetrics (acquired by Millennial Media)
TapMetrics is designed to be a single platform to meet a breadth of analytical needs for the developers and publishers of mobile applications. As developers themselves, the team wanted to understand how their mobile applications were resonating in the marketplace, yet found iTunes Connect to be messy and other analytics solutions incomplete because they were primarily geared toward advertising oriented metrics. TapMetrics software offers an array of analytical capabilities in near real time, including sales reports and upgrade trends, crash reports, and buzz tracking.

unblablogo Unblab (acquired by AOL)
Unblab has one main focus: helping you find the messages that matter most. To do this, Unblab has built the Unblab Smart-Cloud, a cloud based web service that uses learning machines to automatically learn your importance preferences. It learns without requiring you to change any of your email habits. The Unblab Smart-Cloud will be opened up as an API to developers and used by Unblab to launch their own products: GTriage, will save Gmail users time by automatically finding, and labeling important messages within their Gmail inbox; iTriage, will let users triage their inbox on their iPhone.

zadbyZadby (acquired by Siteworx)
Product Placement for Viral Video: A structured, scalable, and safe way to build your brand online. Zadby gives advertisers an easy way to create and distribute viral video to targeted audiences on a pay-for-performance model.